Are You Moving? Don’t Use UHaul

For those of you who don’t personally know me, you may have been wondering where I’ve been the past month!  I recently got a job as the Coordinator of Recruitment Communications and Admissions Services for the Graduate School at the University at Buffalo (sorry that title is a mouthful)!  So, over the last few weeks I’ve been apartment hunting, packing my life away, moving from Rochester to Buffalo and starting and new job.  Although I miss my friends and former colleagues back in Rochester (very much), I’m excited about this new opportunity and I’m ready to explore a new city!

ed-moving-boxes_480I cannot even begin to tell you how crazy the last few weeks have been.  My boyfriend and I are still in the process of unpacking, but thankfully I think most of the chaos is behind us now.  The worst of it was when, the day before we were scheduled to move, our moving truck changed the date and time on us!

U-SuckI had reserved a UHaul truck a couple of weeks prior for last Saturday afternoon.  The plan was to pick up the truck and pack my apartment and a few large pieces of furniture from my parents’ house on Saturday night. We coordinated this plan with three different families and friends that were helping us move (I was moving my stuff from two places in Rochester and my boyfriend was moving his stuff from two places in Lockport). The plan was to wake up and drive the already loaded truck Sunday morning and get unpacked in Buffalo early so that my boyfriend could use the truck to get his move done.

Turns out all of this was just wishful thinking…

UHaul called me Friday to inform me that no trucks were available on Saturday at all.  The only truck they had available in “the entire Western New York area” was on Sunday at 1pm and it was two sizes larger (and much less fuel-efficient) than the truck I requested.  I immediately started scrambling to call any and all other moving truck options but it was pointless. Nobody was available on such short notice!  After a lot of arguing with UHaul reps both on Twitter and over the phone, I surrendered and was forced to take the Sunday reservation.  We rearranged everyones schedule at the last-minute (which made for a lot of grumpy movers)!

By the time we were done unpacking and getting everything moved into our new place in Buffalo it was after 11pm!  My poor family had to make the hour and a half drive back to Rochester after that and work the next day!  It was a bit crazy and super stressful but with the help of our amazing families and friends we got it done.

Later that week, I contacted UHaul to get my “$50 Reservation Guarantee” refund since they totally screwed us over at the last minute and didn’t have my equipment on the day I had requested.  After all that craziness, a $50 dollar refund (which they promise on their website) is the LEAST they could do right?  UHaul “customer service” doesn’t seem to think so.  Apparently their guarantee only applies after you confirm your reservation 48 hours prior!


What this means is say you book a UHaul truck 2 months prior to your moving date.  UHaul can call you the day before to “confirm” your reservation for a completely different date, time, truck and/or pickup location…and once you agree to that, you don’t get a $50 refund.  This is UHaul’s way of trying to make you feel like it’s safe to book with them, when really there is no guarantee at all.

My advice? DON’T EVER USE UHAUL!no_uhaul-thumb

I’m really not sure what other companies are better out there, but I’m sure it’s worth spending the extra money for an organization that actually guarantees reservations or at least notifies you of any changes more than a day in advance.

Normally I’m not one to bitch and complain about these things…my bitterness towards UHaul probably wouldn’t have lasted long had I received my rightful $50. But as it turns out, I’m not the only one UHaul has upset.  Their customer service (or perhaps how they run their business in general) is so bad, there’s a website called and another called  The sites are dedicated to persuading people not to choose UHaul by sharing horror stories similar to mine.

If you don’t believe me, just check out the @UHaul_Cares Twitter handle to see how poorly things are going.  The vast majority of tweets @UHaul_Cares receives are complaints just like mine.  Via twitter they are kind enough to apologize, but still no problems are ever solved.

uhaul-1UHaul, for their own sake, needs to start paying attention to what their customers are saying.


16 thoughts on “Are You Moving? Don’t Use UHaul

  1. Holly, I am glad you got all moved in okay, but I’m sorry you had such a problem with UHaul. We miss you in Rochester! I hope things are going well with the new job.

    • Thanks Donna! I miss you all at WOG too! The new job is going great. There’s still a lot to learn but I think it will be a great fit for me. Hope all is well with you!

  2. You should write to the president of the company with the name of the women who promised you the $50.00 refund. Don’t give up.

  3. Well written Holly. I would hope the staff over at U-Haul realize the full implications of them not obligating themselves to a commitment.

  4. Uhaul is so frustrating. I was sent to a different location after arriving to my original pick up location. It wouldn’t have been a big deal had they apologized and attempted to actually contact me prior to me standing there looking like a complete idiot. Their excuse..we sent you a text message. I was on the phone with their customer service for almost an hour and half only to get denied by an abrasive ass. So my next step, blast their Facebook page and threaten to file a complaint with the BBB. Which I did. I was surprised to receive a call a week later from uhaul apologizing stating they would compensate the $50.

    It wasn’t so much the $50 it was the principal. They have a lawsuit out on them.

    • I hear you. Why do so many businesses these days forget about customer service? We aren’t even asking for like Starbucks barista service here people! Just the basics. You can do it.

  5. Oh no…I’m feeling a bit quesy. I accidentally came across this blog AFTER reserving a UHaul truck for next weekend. Here’s hoping I can start a new UHaul page called IRENTEDFROMUHAULANDEVERYTHING WENTEXACTLYASPLANNED or something similarly catchy. Until next weekend, then..

  6. If you did some research of the Uhaul family, they’ve murdered their own family members over control of the company.
    I worked at a UHaul center as a mechanic and saw firsthand the disorganized leadership. Fucking crap! I got hazed my first day on the job. The big truck engine I was working on? Someone took about a gallon of solvent and poured it around the front. Ever see how slick concrete is with solvent on it? I just kept plugging along when I should have faked a slip and burned UHaul.
    Had I known how bad the place was, I would have.
    I needed to rent a car trailer and, even though I was an employee, the bitch behind the counter wouldn’t rent me one because “You don’t have a credit card.” Here I am in full UHaul uniform and I can’t rent my own trailer. Cash? I guess not. UHaul can’t (ab)use your cash…only your credit card.
    I complained to a guy in the shop and he said, “Hell, do what we do. Just back up to one, hook up and drive away.”
    That’s what I did.
    I lasted about a year. Gave a 2 weeks notice and management (a kid about 25 years younger than I) never looked me in the eye or said a word those 2 weeks.
    Good news is, he got fired after I quit. Typical for me.
    Spend a few bucks more and rent Budget, Enterprise, Hertz…anybody but JewHaul.

  7. I just had a poor experience with U-Haul myself and was posting about it when I discovered your blog. Do you mind if I borrow the U-Suck picture for my post with a backlink?


  9. Oh well, their truck caught fire while I was driving it and burned all my families stuff; I hadn’t even left town yet. Total loss. Fortunately I had kept my homeowners insurance active. They covered the loss and then went after U-Haul for the damages.

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